When your plan is to remain in your home…

We provide the design and alterations necessary to make that desire a reality. Its easier doing it now then later!

What we do.

  • Needs assessment
  • Home safety and access
  • Kitchen and bath alterations
  • Tiered design for care

Making it safe helps everyone.

Your home is the best place to live. To make that practical modifications can be made lengthening the suitability of your home to fit your current or future capacity.¬† Today’s market place provides an abundance of product offerings for accessibility. These products provide comfort and safety when altering your home to support changing needs. Most of these products are suitable for all person who occupy your home. We specialize in understanding how individual adaptations will work best for you and how to incorporate them into your homes architecture and appearance.

Develop and review your plans, then retire.

Making your home fit now and for the future is better then waiting for necessity to force alterations. We can plan with you today so you’re able to maximize the length of time your home is safe for you. Perhaps not all considered alterations currently need doing¬† Having a plan ready however makes the road ahead clearer and provides the discretion to choose wisely.

The complete building solution.

We take the worry out of who to trust. We build it right!